Three Great Bridesmaid Dree Colors for Junior Bridesmaids

Dressing your junior bridesmaid is far more fun than dressing adults. Not only are the junior bridesmaid dresses so much cuter, children are oftentimes easier to please than their adult counterparts. When it is time to choose junior bridesmaid dresses you have many decisions to make to choose the perfect dress. Among them, color is one of the most important.

When selecting a bridesmaid dress for a junior bridesmaid, the three colors are the top choices. Which one is best for your wedding ceremony?


White is a simple color that is also traditional. Many junior bridesmaids wear white, but be careful if you plan to have the flower girl wear white as well. Should you choose a white dress, be sure to add color to the dress using various accessories?


Pastel pink is a favorite color for most all little girls, so giving her the chance to wear it when she is a part of the wedding ceremony is extra special in her eyes. The color Is soft and sweet and so very appealing on a little girl.


Many shades of red exist and since the color meshes well with so many others it is a popular choice for bridesmaid dress color. When the right shade of red is chosen, your mini bridesmaid will look amazing!

These are three bridesmaid dress colors for little girls, but there are many others as well. These are the popular colors and using them you can’t go wrong!